Emergency Response

Quest Group Int. available round the clock, 7 days a week, for emergency response or other urgent vessel requirements. We cover the global market of OSVs for a full range of jobs from hotshot cargos runs through to subsea vessels for installation of capping and containment equipment.

Container Vessels

It is all about trust, dedication and commitment when we provide our customers with the best possible solutions within Container Chartering. For more than 10 years of shipbroking we have gained considerable experience, we have built up a substantial knowledge base and we possess a high degree of operational excellence. We aim to understand, identify and execute on the right solutions to cover our customers’ short and long term needs.

Through our relationships with all main liner companies, feeder operators, ship owners and brokers, we have up-to-date intelligence on container vessel deployment and availability globally.

This allows us to provide our customers with a full capacity and demand overview within all segments – ranging from small local feeder ships to large main-haul tonnage.

When undertaking complicated projects we pool resources and combine all of our skills within Chartering, Sale & Purchase, Advisory Services to ensure that we deliver the most appropriate solutions to our customers.


The market for tanker chartering is filled with risks; making timely service, global coverage, strong relationships and canny broking and negotiating skills vital for business success.Our hard-working period chartering team will find the best deals and negotiate the best terms while still leaving everyone feeling well represented. We react rapidly to your needs, we get the details right and we keep you informed.

We have the essential foundation of relationships with owners and charterers and we know how important confidentiality is guarding any sensitive data you entrust with us.

Dry Bulk

Having a team of dedicated period brokers around the globe, we pride ourselves on holding the very latest information and market guidance for the chartering of bulk carriers for long-term periods of one-year duration up to twenty years.Working closely alongside operators, industrial end-users, trading companies as well as ship-owners of course – we have built up a second-to-none service within the sphere of tonnage procurement. Such business is extremely sensitive to market changes and technological advancements, and counter-party risk is at the heart of any long-term relationship.The bulk market is highly volatile – and we recognise the need to have highly skilled market brokers who are specialised in all ship sizes, specific trade lanes as well as geographic areas. Our market brokers work globally from our offices in Dubai, Istambul, Amsterdam making sure that we can provide a swift and efficient service regardless of where our customers conduct their business.

Through our relationships with cargo clients and industrial end-users, we are able to effectively make the match between the cargo and the ship. By having direct links with a vast majority of the major bulk shipping players around the world, we are able to provide a truly global coverage.

Special Tankers

We pride ourselves on having a complete overview of the entire global fleet of chemical and other special tankers in almost all size segments.Trading in these markets is demanding and requires efficiency, a high level of drive, strong networks, diplomatic skills and the ability to lead hard ball negotiations that benefit all parties and facilitate the best deals available for our clients.

It also requires up-to-date knowledge on market movements in any geographical area, as well as the technical understanding to locate the right tonnage and/or charter in time and at the right price.

Our dedicated brokers have all these qualities in abundance, along with an eagerness to share knowledge and a strong will to succeed.


Our Operations Team handles all matters between Owners and Charteres after a vessel has been fixed.Cargo handling, port activities, pilotage, towage, wharfage, dockage, canal transits, conveying of cargoes, cargo handling arrangements, loading and discharging of vessels, are some of the actions supervised by the operations department. It is exactly this operational involvement that keeps us so closely abreast and in touch with current market conditions – vitally important in maintaining a competitive edge.

Our Operations Team receives instructions from the Owners to choose which ones to pursue, negotiate terms and conditions of the contracts under which the vessels are going to be chartered and eventually enter, on behalf of the Owners, into a chartering agreement. Our Operations team will assist you establishing and maintaining relationships with reputable chartering brokers and various Charterers.