Quest Group Capabilities



Fully-owned refinery, which through a complex sequence of conversion processes convert oil in to products and intermediates used in the manufacture of daily use items. Finished products include black oils, waste oils, mix hydrocarbon oil, condensate, light distillates, middle distillates.


Strategically located storage facilities provide strength to the manufacturing & trading processes, by storing vessel loads of feedstock. They enable Quest Group to serve customer demands in a timely manner.


Strong team of energy and commodities traders work round the clock to serve customers effectively.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Strong control on the supply chain ensures efficiency and predictability in delivery and minimizes product waste. This enables Quest Group to pass on cost savings to customers.

Consulting & Financial Services

A strong team of energy specialists located strategically across Quest’s Network are professionals dedicated to providing clients with tailor-made financial solutions, to both producers and consumers of commodities.